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All Interim Program Systems
Total number of records: 

28-4015-000ALEGENT/IMMANUEL RTC6901 N 72ND STREET OMAHANE68122-1709(402)572-2040(402)572-289500DOUGLAS 
28-4005-000BOYS TOWN INTERIM PRG SCHS13803 FLANAGAN BLVD BOYS TOWNNE68010-7505(531)355-7273(531)355-717100DOUGLAS 
55-4003-000CHILD GUIDANCE CTR TGH SCHOOL904 SUMNER ST LINCOLNNE68502-2154(402)434-2670(402)434-267218LANCASTER 
28-4007-000DOUGLAS COUNTY YOUTH CENTER1301 S 41ST STREET OMAHANE68105-1862(402)444-4767(402)444-425219DOUGLAS 
55-4001-000MORTON SCHOOL PO BOX 94949LINCOLNNE68509-4949(402)471-1645(402)471-164718LANCASTER 
01-4001-000NEBRASKA YOUTH ACADEMY4200 W 2ND BLDG 3 HASTINGSNE68901-9700(402)462-1971(402)460-310002ADAMS 
Alan Ehlers59-4001-000NORTHEAST NE JUVENILE SERVICES1313 1/2 N MAIN STREET MADISONNE68748-0050(402)454-3955(402)
28-4004-000NOVA ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL8502 MORMON BRIDGE RD OMAHANE68152-1929(402)991-8551(402)344-256900DOUGLAS 
28-4021-000OMAHA HOME FOR BOYS SCHOOL4343 N 52ND ST OMAHANE68104- (402)457-7155(402)457-702400DOUGLAS 
55-4002-000PATHFINDER ED PRG-LANCASTER CO1200 RADCLIFF STREET LINCOLNNE68512-2506(402)441-6817(402)441-562418LANCASTER 
77-4002-000PATRICK J THOMAS JUVENILE JUSTICE CNTR9701 PORTAL ROAD LAVISTANE68128-2929(402)537-7030(402)537-708003SARPY 
28-4008-000UTA HALEE ACADEMY PROGRAM10625 CALHOUN ROAD OMAHANE68112-0034(402)905-9656(402)000-000000DOUGLAS 
28-4022-000YOUTH CARE AND BEYOND LEARNING CENTER2819 S 125TH AVE, SUITE 276 OMAHANE68144- (531)200-5898 00DOUGLAS 

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