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Welcome to the Nebraska Department of Education Directory Search.  In this system you will be able to create a list or data file from Directory information for Nebraska districts/systems, schools and staff.  There are five search areas in this system; 1) Quick Lists and 2) Search for Districts/Systems Or Schools 3) Search for Staff 4) Student Counts and 5) School Staff Directory.

Quick Lists provides you with a commonly requested list of district/system and school information.  

Search for Districts/Systems Or Schools processes a list of Schools and or District/System information, selected using the prompted criteria.

Search for Staff provides a list of staff within a school or district/system, selected using the prompted criteria. This includes a Custom Search which will allow you to generate a specific search using selected criteria, including District/System or School search criteria, and define the results.

Student Counts provides the number of students within a school or district/system, selected using the prompted criteria. 

School Staff Directory provides a list of districts/systems, administrators, schools and staff in a directory format.  The results are similar to the NDE Nebraska Education Directory.

Please choose a search type from the menu at left.


For questions or suggestions regarding this system, contact the NDE Helpdesk, 
e-mail:,  phone:  (888) 285-0556